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Automatic Residue Discharging Disc Stack Separator For Starch Slurry

Product Details

Place of Origin: Yixing, Jiangsu, China

Brand Name: HUADING

Certification: CE

Model Number: PTSX-M

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Price: USD20000-100000

Packaging Details: Packing in wooden boxes

Delivery Time: 60-150 natural days

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C

Supply Ability: 200 sets per 1 year

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Starch Slurry Disc Stack Separator


Disc Stack Separator For Starch Slurry


Automatic Residue Discharging Disc Stack Separator

Fully Automatic Continuous Aseptic Environment Production
Hygienic Design:
Available With CIP Integrated System
Fully Automatic Continuous Aseptic Environment Production
Hygienic Design:
Available With CIP Integrated System
Automatic Residue Discharging Disc Stack Separator For Starch Slurry

What is the difference between decanter and disc centrifuge?
Difference Between Decanter and Disc Centrifuge | Technical ...
Decanter centrifuges can handle fluids with high sludge content with large particle sizes. They are the first line of defense in any industrial fluid separation application with heavy sludge. Disc Centrifuges can separate fluids with two immiscible liquids continuously.



Product Advantage
1. Continuous feeding
2. High separation factor
3. Automatic residue discharging
4. Concise bowl design without frequent washing
5. Hydraulic coupling driving with longer service
6. PLC system automatic control


Main Features

1) Used to remove protein ,gum from starch slurry.
2) Fully stainless steel.
3) Speed ,vibration display. Convenient operation.
4) Running continuously.
5) High rotating speed ,high seperating factor.
6) Low power and water consumption.


working principle
The solid particles (or droplets) settle to the disc under the action of a centrifuge to form a sediment (or liquid layer). The sediment slides along the surface of the disc to separate from the disc and accumulates in the portion of the drum having the largest diameter, and the separated liquid is discharged from the liquid outlet to the drum. The function of the disc is to shorten the settlement distance of the solid particles (or droplets) and enlarge the settlement area of the drum. The drum has greatly improved the productivity of the separator due to the installation of the disc. The solids accumulated in the drum are dismantled by the drum after the separator is stopped, or are discharged from the drum without stopping by the slag discharging mechanism.
The disc separator can perform two operations: liquid-solid separation (ie separation of bottom concentration suspension), called clarification operation; liquid-liquid separation (or liquid-liquid-solid separation) (ie separation of emulsion), Said the separation operation.


Application range
1. Mineral oil industry: purification of fuel oil and lubricating oil for ship main engines, land diesel engines, power stations, etc.;
2. Dairy industry: clarification and purification, degreasing of fresh milk;
3. Vegetable oil industry: purification and clarification of palm oil, degumming, degumming, dehydration and dewaxing of vegetable oil refining;
4. Beverage products industry: clarification of beer, juice, beverages, plant protein extraction, wastewater treatment, etc.; clarification of bioengineered fermentation broth;
5. Starch industry: concentration and grading of starch pulp;
6. Pharmaceutical industry: purification or clarification in the extraction process of antibiotics, biochemical pharmaceuticals, and clarification of traditional Chinese medicines;
7. Chemical industry: purification or clarification of chemical raw materials;
8. Lanolin industry: extracting and purifying lanolin from scouring wastewater;
9. Latex industry: purification and concentration of natural rubber latex;
10. Other industries: such as laboratory, petroleum, coking, kaolin, pulp recovery, electrolyte treatment, wastewater treatment, environmental protection, etc., as well as animal and vegetable protein extraction, animal fat extraction and refining, separation of mixed fatty acids.
The marine disc separator is mainly used to remove moisture and impurities in the fuel and lubricating oil of marine diesel engines and other equipment to reduce the wear of mechanical equipment and prolong the life of mechanical equipment. The design, manufacture and acceptance of the marine disc separator are in accordance with the standards of the GB/T5745-2002 marine disc separator.


Product description

The HUADING PTSX Algae Separator is designed to extract algae from algae liquid, including Spirulina, chlorella, green algae, and more found in lakes and seas, even those that are too fine to be visible to the naked eye. The process helps protect the environment and water resources, and the extracted algae biomass can be used for making fertilizers, cosmetics, and more.

Our machine adopts automatic control, providing high efficiency, low oil consumption, easy operation, and economic maintenance costs. With full automatic operation, automatic feeding and discharging, and convenient cleaning and maintenance, our machine is an efficient solution for algae biomass extraction.

Our machine features high rotation speed, high G-force, and a nice separation effect, making it an ideal centrifugal separation technology. With a vibration-proof design, our machine has a long working life, requiring no filter media for centrifugal separation.

At Huading Separator, we have been at the forefront of centrifugal separation technology for over 60 years, established in 1954, and are a leader in mechanical separating technology in China. Our machines are widely used in various industries, including the beverage and dairy industries, recovering and processing oils and fats, as well as in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and starch technology. Other applications include marine engineering, energy, oil fields, and water treatment, such as wastewater treatment and sludge dewateringOur ABB Solid Bowl Centrifuge Disk Automatic Chlorella Spirulina Extraction machine is an excellent choice for algae biomass extraction, providing a high-quality separation effect and automatic operation for increased output and reduced labor costs.

At Huading Separator, we have over 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing separators and decanters, with a team of 200+ workers, 30+ technical and after-sales team members, complete manufacturing facilities and test equipment, and 90% of machine parts made in our own factory. Our main outsourcing parts are world-famous, such as SKF, SIEMENS, and ABB, ensuring high-quality and reliable machines for our customers.

We provide good after-sales service, including on-site service and staff training on how to operate and maintain our machines. With our expertise in centrifugal separation technology, we strive to provide reliable and effective solutions for various industries, ensuring high efficiency, low maintenance costs, and a long working life for our machines.

Choose Huading Separator as your partner for efficient and reliable centrifugal separation technology.


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1) Q: How can we visit your factory?

A: You are from abroad, and you are sitting at Shanghai Airport. If you come from a domestic city, fly or train directly to Yixing Station. We will pick you up at the train station.

2) Q: How do you guarantee the quality of your products?

A: Our company is an enterprise with more than 60 years of experience, and implements strict business policies. Advanced processing machines ensure the accuracy of all parts, workers have operating licenses, parts have been processed many times, and transmission and electrical components use internationally renowned brands. A series of tests and inspections are carried out throughout the production state.

3) Q: What payment methods does your company accept?

A: We accept most payment methods, but mainly T/T.

4) Q: How long is the warranty period of your products?

A: 12 months.

5) Q: I have not done business with your company before, how can I trust your company?

A: Our company has been in Alibaba for 14 years, providing various certificates

6) Q: What are your company's shipping terms and delivery time?

A: Each is customized 60-90days 7) Q: Do you give any discount? A: I will definitely try my best to help you get the best deal