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Company News About Centrifuge Research Survey at home and abroad
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Centrifuge Research Survey at home and abroad

Latest company news about Centrifuge Research Survey at home and abroad

In industrial production, centrifuges (Recommended Equipment: Refrigerated Centrifuge) is essentially a post-processing equipment, mainly for dehydration, concentration, separation, clarification, purification and solid particles grading process, it is as the development of various industrial sectors corresponding to develop. For example, after the 18th century industrial revolution, with the rapid development of textile industry, cotton occurred in 1836 dryer. 1877 to meet the needs of the cheese processing industry, the invention of centrifuges for the separation of milk. After the 20th century, with the development of comprehensive utilization of oil, demanded water, solid impurities, tar-like materials removed in order to use heavy oil as fuel oil, 50 years successfully developed an automatic slagging slagging separation of dish piston machine, to the 60’s developed into a complete series of products. With the modern environmental protection, waste management development, for industrial wastewater and sludge dewatering requirements are high and to promote horizontal spiral centrifuge, disc separator, and three-column Bottom Discharge Centrifuge settlement Machine With further development, especially horizontal spiral centrifuge have been developing rapidly. Now, in the synthesis of plastics (PVC, PP) and synthetic (poly ethylene terephthalate resin) production separation equipment, the spiral centrifuge has become one of the key equipment.

Our truly modern practical value of the first spiral centrifuge is manufactured in 1954, because of its unique continuous operation, large capacity, low power consumption per unit of production, strong adaptability and other characteristics have been developed rapidly In 40 years of development, structure, properties, parameters vary greatly, separation quality, productivity continued to improve, a wider range of applications, has been in the centrifuge field plays an important role. In various international exhibitions, a variety of spiral centrifuge, the centrifuge is on display in the most attractive models, with good prospects for development.